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Kathy and Charles Hallsworth are artists working and living in Dorset,UK.

We moved here nearly 20 yeas ago from Somerset and have both established art practices.

Our work is displayed in local exhibitions and galleries – most regularly Sou’ Sou’ West Gallery at Symondsbury. Charles has exhibited in Bristol, London, Bournemouth, Christchurch and have sold work around the world – Europe, Australia, Japan and USA.

All art works are originals produced as either drawing (charcoal, inks or pencil); paintings (oils, acrylics or mixed media – occasionally watercolour). Prints, cards and copies of art work are not available. We use high quality materials.

Art work will be available at Exhibitions and someĀ  art and photographic works may be available directly from Hallsworth Art with pre-arranged viewings.

If you are interested in a particular work shown on our websites please use the contact form.

Seascape by Kathy Hallsworth
Storm off West Bay by Charles Hallsworth
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