From the series – Noctilucent Clouds

Currently on display for sale at Sou’ Sou’ West Gallery , Symondsbury

From 9th September to 24th September 2023

Noctilucent clouds are extremely rare collections of ice crystals, occasionally appearing in late clear summer evenings after sunset, but before it gets completely dark. They become visible about the same time as the brightest stars appear and often stay visible after dark because they are still reflecting sunlight due to their great height. They are higher up than any other clouds, occupying the layer of atmosphere known as the Mesosphere, and are only seen at latitudes between 45°N and 80°N in the Northern Hemisphere, and equivalent latitudes in the southern hemisphere. They are seen less often in the southern hemisphere as there is very little land and very few people there. Only the southern tip of Argentina and Chile, and the Antarctic are at the correct latitude.

More information from the UK Met Office

Up coming – Smalls for Walls

Starting 30th September 2023 till 22nd October at Sou’ Sou’ West Gallery Symonsbury.

Small paintings up to 20cm in any dimension.

There are four bird pictures all on 3/4inch wood painted in oils. Each priced at £195. Available only from the Gallery.

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